Sportswear that does more than just cover your skin.  Patented PowerFlex Technology provides unrivaled stability & enhanced muscular awareness, giving you the confidence to perform to your best whatever your sport.


The ultimate in upper body support & power. Specifically designed with athletes in mind.

The EXO1 combines patented flexible support with active compression, interacting with your body to:

  • Stabilise the shoulders, back, and chest during exercise
  • Support a healthy dynamic posture
  • Enhance awareness of muscle activation & position
  • Build power & confidence for improved sports performance

Exosuit garments are perfect for anyone protecting a weakness, requiring stability during exercise, seeking postural support, or simply striving to improve function & performance. Apparel for those who think sportswear should do more than just cover the skin.

Check out our size guide to ensure you get the right fit for your active lifestyle!

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