Check out our interview & feature on Kit Radar.  We discussed in detail topics around sports injury, K-tape, taped clothing, and Exosuit, delving into why the EXO1 was created and the benefits it can give an athlete.

Although the jury is still out on the science behind K-tape, research has found benefits in terms of pain relief, range-of-motion, and various performance metrics.  The anecdotal evidence on how it helps people get through pain, rehab, and return-to-sport however, is pretty convincing.

The interview also looks into what’s next in the world of therapeutic taping & support, exploring taped clothing and the unique benefits Exosuit technology could provide.

Kit Radar is the ultimate website for you to find the new, the unique and the innovative in sport, so well worth a look.  Started by Dr Bryan Roberts and Peter Smith, Kit Radar showcases all the fine talented, startup brands in sport.

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