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We love hearing genuine reviews from our customers, and go out of our way to understand their problems & how Exosuit products can benefit them in training or performance.  Here are some nice words from some of our customers:

“I train in functional fitness (weightlifting, cardio, gymnastics) where back posture and a balanced body position is key for me to get things right. After being unsure if the Exosuit top would work, I am so impressed by how much better my workouts feel already!”

George D

I use the tops with HITT, boxing and weight training and have definitely found they help with all three. I train 4 around five times a week which is why I’ve now ordered four tops in total.  My left shoulder rotator cuff has had problems in the past, and since wearing the Exosuit tops I’ve found that I’m training just as much as I used to but the pain is less and my rehabilitation going smoothly.

Nick B

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