American Football player Glen Toonga has been ranked in the top 5 in running back yards in Germany’s top League (GFL1) in the last two seasons. He also represented Great Britain as a primary running back in their recent European Qualifying matches.⁣

As our second American Football ambassador, Glen adds some serious punch to our team, and highlights the real performance you can get out of an EXO1 garment.

Having started his sporting career as a junior 100m and 200m sprinter, Glen began playing American Football at Southampton University. He then progressed onto the London Blitz, where he was their leading rusher in 2016-2017, when the team competed for a National championship. ⁣

Glen was one of only 5 British players invited to the NFL international combine in Germany. He has since been chosen to attend the global combine for the Canadian Football League (CFL) in Toronto in March with the chance to secure a place on a CFL roster ⁣

A high calibre player with inspirational qualities! Glen, welcome to the Exosuit team.

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What Glen says about Exosuit:

“You can feel the quality and science that has gone into the EXO1. As a competitive athlete, that extra edge really helps me bring more to my performance.”