Patented dual-layer
technology to
support & stabilise
your body

PowerFlex Technology
by Exosuit

Ready to elevate your performance?


The EXO1 is revolutionising
performance sportswear

Muscle awareness
By gently gripping the skin at key anatomical locations, the EXO1 boosts awareness of muscle activation & joint orientation

Active compression
Active compression helps improve blood flow, speed up waste removal, and reduce muscle vibration during exercise

Feel powerful
The EXO1 interacts with your body to make you feel powerful during any sport or upper body activity

Muscle & joint support
Patented PowerFlex Technology over the shoulders & upper back provides stability for muscles and joints during exercise

Recycled fabrics
The EXO1 uses ECONYL regenerated nylon; it’s infinitely recyclable so helps us to close the loop & reduce waste

Postural support
The unique cut and patented flexible structure integrated into the EXO1 supports dynamic posture when you need it most

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