Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-12-23T10:30:18+00:00

Exosuit is pretty new, so we get asked a lot of questions about how it works. We’ve included answers to the most frequently asked questions below, but if you can’t find the answer to your question please get in touch with us via the contact page. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Exosuit Technology

What makes an Exosuit garment different?2019-12-10T18:20:43+00:00

Exosuit garments are multi-functional, offering all the benefits of traditional compression wear as well as the support, stability, and power from our patented dual-layer PowerFlex Technology. Our garments uniquely interact and work with your body to improve and prolong performance whatever your sport.

What benefits does PowerFlex Technology give me?2019-12-10T18:22:04+00:00

Exosuit garments with patented PowerFlex TechnologyTM work to enhance your muscular and joint stability, assist dynamic posture, and improve proprioception. The dual-layer flexible structure in our EXO1 top actively supports your shoulders and upper back, allowing you to work harder for longer, and helping you feel powerful and secure during exercise.

What are the benefits of compression?2019-12-10T18:22:38+00:00

Compression garments have been scientifically proven to positively impact performance and recovery through improved blood flow and reduced muscle vibration, helping you train harder, perform better, and recover faster.

Are all compression garments the same?2019-12-10T18:23:17+00:00

No. Although the majority of compression garments are made using elastomeric fabrics, the difference in material quality and therefore functionality can be huge. Exosuit garments are made with premium Italian performance fabrics, boasting efficient shape retention, power, and two-way stretch, as well as our integrated flexible structure. This ensures a perfect supportive fit, and the correct muscular compression across your body.

How can I get the most out of my garments?2019-12-10T18:23:42+00:00

It’s simple, the harder you work the more you will get from your Exosuit garment. The silicone panels designed to gently grip your skin activate when you sweat, which in turn fully engages our patented PowerFlex TechnologyTM and all the performance benefits it provides.

Wearing Exosuit

Who should wear Exosuit garments?2019-12-10T18:27:45+00:00

Exosuit garments aren’t designed for just one situation or type of activity. Here are some of the people who could benefit from an Exosuit garment:

  • Athletes seeking a boost in performance. By stabilising and enhancing dynamic posture, Exosuit can help you push harder, throw faster, and perform for longer whatever your game.
  • Athletes seeking additional support around specific joints and muscles. Whether you’ve been injured or simply require extra stability, Exosuit can provide you with the functionality you need to perform at your peak.
  • People with active jobs and lifestyles. If you’re working on your feet or with your hands all day, an Exosuit garment can provide you the support and postural enhancement you need.
Are Exosuit garments restrictive to wear?2019-12-10T18:28:26+00:00

No, but the postural enhancement and active support may take a small amount of getting used to. The EXO1 is designed to be cut relatively tight into the shoulder, providing the necessary stability and maximum engagement of our PowerFlex Technology during activity.

Be sure to try on your garment properly before making any decision over incorrect sizing, and remember you will feel the maximum benefits while you’re working up a sweat.

Are Exosuit garments hard to get on and off?2019-12-10T18:28:57+00:00

No, you should find Exosuit garments no more difficult to get on an off than a properly fitting traditional compression garment.

Will Exosuit keep me warm and dry in the cold?2019-12-10T18:29:18+00:00

Exosuit garments are designed to keep you warm during activity, maintaining a working core temperature and light sweat, to fully engage our patented flexible support and help you perform at your peak for longer.

We use a combination of premium Italian fabrics; heavier powerful materials in key areas of support, and light breathable materials across the rest of the body. All our garments come with full coverage ActiveDry TechnologyTM to wick sweat and keep you comfortable.

Will I overheat in warm conditions?2019-12-10T18:29:40+00:00

That depends. Due to the dual-layer construction and heavier materials used in active support, our garments are warmer than some traditional compression tops.

While we wouldn’t recommend wearing an Exosuit top for a Bikram yoga session, our garments are perfectly appropriate in most sports and fitness environments. Remember you’ll get the most out of our patented PowerFlex TechnologyTM as you work up a sweat, so why not embrace it and really feel the benefits.

Can I wear Exosuit with nothing over the top?2019-12-10T18:30:02+00:00

Yes, our fabrics provide 50+ UV protection, so you can enjoy the outdoors and show off your Exosuit garments without any sun-related concerns.

Can I go underwater in my Exosuit garments?2019-12-10T18:30:21+00:00

Yes, although the chlorinated water in a swimming pool will eventually deteriorate the elastomeric fabrics Exosuit garments are constructed with. If you decide to wear your Exosuit garments in water, please rinse them thoroughly in clean water afterwards.

Is there a time limit on wearing Exosuit?2019-12-10T18:30:39+00:00

No, there is no limit on how long you can wear Exosuit garments. However, we would encourage first-time users to gradually increase their use of our products, to allow their bodies to adjust and avoid post-use muscle stiffness.

Can I wear K-tape under an Exosuit garment?2019-12-10T18:31:00+00:00

Yes, you can wear kinesiology tape under your Exosuit garments. However, positioning tape under the silicone sections of your garment may limit its ability to interact with your skin, and therefore reduce the functionality of the garment.

Can I wear Exosuit while injured or pregnant?2019-12-10T18:31:20+00:00

There is in principal no reason why you can’t wear Exosuit garments while injured or pregnant, although individual cases vary, so please consult a doctor before making a decision.


How do I know what size garment to buy?2019-12-11T22:16:58+00:00

Choosing the correct size of garment is vital to ensure you get the maximum benefit from our patented support and compression technology. Each Exosuit garment comes with its own unique size guide to ensure you get it right first time – check them out here for more information.

What if I’m between sizes on the size guide?2019-12-10T18:32:00+00:00

As Exosuit garments are designed to be tight-fitting, if you fall between sizes we recommend going for the smaller size.

Care Advice

How should I wash my Exosuit garments?2019-12-10T18:32:23+00:00

You can machine wash your Exosuit garments, although we recommend using a 30-degree delicates setting and a gentle detergent. As with all clothing, gentle washes will increase the lifespan of your Exosuit garments.

Can I tumble dry my Exosuit garments?2019-12-10T18:32:49+00:00

Please don’t tumble dry your Exosuit garments, hang them and let them dry naturally.

How long will Exosuit garments last?2019-12-10T18:33:14+00:00

This depends entirely on how much you use and wash your Exosuit products. As with all elastomeric materials, Exosuit garments will gradually degrade over time, however we expect our products to last at least as long as a good quality running shoe.

Shipping & Returns

How long will delivery take?2019-12-11T22:14:42+00:00

We offer free UK standard shipping for every garment, as well as optional tracked express delivery. For international orders or more information please consult our shipping policy here.

Do you ship internationally?2019-12-11T22:15:17+00:00

We do ship internationally from our UK warehouse. For more information and prices please see our full shipping policy here.

What is your returns policy?2019-12-11T22:15:56+00:00

We offer free 30-day returns for all Exosuit products from the UK mainland. Unfortunately, damaged or visibly used products are non-refundable. For more information please see our full returns policy here.

How do I initiate a return?2019-12-10T18:37:14+00:00

Be sure to check out our full returns policy for details, then use our online returns form to initiate a return.

Other FAQ

Can I buy Exosuit garments in a store?2019-12-10T18:37:33+00:00

Yes, we are currently stocked in Pope & Smith (Chelmsford) and AJ Fordham Sports (Kingston). We anticipate reaching further retail stores in the coming weeks.

How can I become an Exosuit ambassador?2019-12-10T18:37:54+00:00

We are actively seeking Exosuit ambassadors from across the world of sport and fitness. If you feel like you embody the values of Team Exosuit, and want to join us on our performance journey, please get in touch at with a brief description of your background.

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