Exosuit is all about making you feel #NeverHeldBack.  Supporting you while you push your limits.  Giving you the confidence to throw anything at your body in the pursuit of success.  Your Exosuit garments are just like your body – if you look after them, they will last longer, perform better, and continue to look the part.  Follow these simple guides to get the most from your garments, maximising their performance benefits and lifespan.

Unpack your bag

The first step is to get your sweaty kit out of your bag.  Sweat accelerates the degeneration of elastane, one of the key materials that gives a compression garment its stretch.  The best thing you can do is to wash your kit after use, following the care instructions on the label.  If not possible, consider giving your kit a rinse to wash off some of the sweat.  This is even more important if you’ve been in a pool or exposed to chlorine, as this quickly degrades elastane if unwashed.

Use a cold wash

Much like sweat, hot water can break down fabric fibres, particularly elastane which gives many compression garments their stretch.  Exosuit garments are suitable for machine washing at 30 degrees, ideally using a delicates setting.  This reduces the spin speed, thus decreasing friction between clothes in the washing machine, and increasing the lifespan of the fabrics in your garment.

Go easy on the detergent

Using a small amount of gentle detergent will again prolong the life of your Exosuit garment.  Heavier detergents and fabric softeners can get between fabric fibres, causing build up and trapping oils and skin cells.  Ensuring you thoroughly rinse your garments really makes a difference here, and never use bleach.

Don’t turn garments inside out

Many manufacturers suggest washing sportswear, particularly compression garments inside out.  This is to help preserve the fabric colour and and external markings, such as reflective panels and logos on the garment.  Because Exosuit garments interact with the body via anatomically positioned silicone panels, we suggest you leave your garment the right way round to wash, avoiding contact between the silicone panels and other clothes or the drum of your washing machine.  Even better, consider using a mesh wash bag designed for delicate items with your sportswear.

Air dry in the shade

Don’t tumble dry your Exosuit garments, or any of your high-performance sportswear.  Tumble drying can cause shrinkage in your clothing, and wrecks the elastane causing rapid degradation of your garment’s performance.  We suggest air drying your sportswear in the shade where there’s good air circulation.  This acts as a good deodoriser and helps your garment dry quickly.

Never use an iron

The performance fabrics used in Exosuit garments aren’t designed to cope with the heat of an iron.  Ironing can cause burning or melting of fabric, as well as the silicone panels used to interact with your body.  In most cases performance fabrics won’t crease, and a quick wash & dry will remove any minor creasing.

Respect your garments

Respecting your Exosuit garments goes a long way to maintaining them. Be gentle while putting on, taking off, and handling your garments, and you’ll get the most in terms of performance and lifespan from your Exosuit products.

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