The EXO1 is not simply a baselayer.  We’ve been through 7 years of research & development to perfect our concept, patented technology, and the design of our first product.

We love hearing that all our hard work is producing tangible results for athletes across a range of sports!  Here are our five favourite reasons why the EXO1 is breaking new ground in sports apparel and technology:

1. Exosuit places function over form

We know how frustrating it is to spend your hard-earned money only to be let down by the quality, performance, or claims of some sports equipment brands.  But for the logo it can be hard to distinguish one brand from another.

At Exosuit we believe that the clothing we wear for exercise should do more than just cover the skin, and that brands should spend more time innovating the function and performance of their garments.  We’re not interested in designing apparel purely for beautiful people who go to the gym so they can take selfies for their Instagram account.  We want to create functional synergy between athlete and apparel, helping everyone support, stabilise, and power their sporting performance.

2. Our Powerflex Technology is unique

Each Exosuit garment combines premium active compression with a unique system of integrated flexible structure.  By gripping the skin at key anatomical sites across the chest, back, and arms, our technology works to support and stabilise the upper body and posture during sports performance, giving the wearer a feeling of confidence and power.

A combination of physiotherapy, biomechanics, anatomy, and fabric technology has gone into the design and optimisation of this technology, so we can truly stand by our claims around function and performance.  Alongside the additional support and stability, the gripping sections of our PowerFlex Technology gently interact with the skin, activating receptors in the skin and muscles, and improving proprioceptive feedback to the brain.

So unique is this system that we have been granted a patent, which we call Powerflex Technology.  All that in combination with premium active compression, what’s not to love.

3. It doesn’t matter what sport you play

The EXO1 wasn’t designed with a specific sport in mind.  Any athlete who requires upper body power & stability, postural support, or awareness can benefit with Exosuit.  Whether you’re a golfer, rugby player, cricketer, tennis player, American Footballer, CrossFitter, or gym goer, the EXO1 could be the perfect accompaniment to your sport.

4. We love our ambassadors

We let our product do the talking. We don’t have armies of celebrities promoting Exosuit just because we pay them oodles of cash to do so.  We actively support and help develop our team of exciting young athletes who are working ridiculously hard every day to make it big in their sport.

Our carefully chosen ambassadors really are great role models and we’re very proud to have them on our team. They’ve tried our kit and love wearing it because it actually benefits their game. We’re a pretty relaxed bunch at Exosuit – we don’t tell them what to say or write about our stuff, we just leave them to share their honest opinions with the world.

5. We listen to our customers

Our customers are vital to the development of our products and business.  From product features to key benefits and future garments, we love to hear your thoughts and see pictures or videos of you taking on the world in your Exosuit apparel.

So important are the opinions of genuine users, one of the first things we did with our early prototypes was user testing with Progressive Sports Technologies, and we continue to conduct similar tests to this day.  Our first set of tests with baseball and cricket players revealed some pretty interesting statistics about the EXO1 and its impact on sports performance:

  • An incredible 90% of sportsmen involved felt more supported wearing the EXO1 top
  • 70% of sportsmen involved felt more powerful whilst wearing the EXO1 top
  • 70% of sportsmen involved felt that their posture was improved during the relevant sporting activity

This feedback is music to our ears, informing our future developments and focus going forward and giving us real confidence in the benefits of our Exosuit products.