Exosuit began way back in summer 2012 with a frustration. After a series of shoulder injuries through years of playing sport, Exosuit co-founder & CEO Jamas was in the midst of prolonged physio treatment and rehab.

In order to continue with his cricket, Jamas had his shoulders taped up by a physiotherapist on a weekly basis. You may have seen athletes wearing this brightly coloured kinesiology tape over a specific joint or muscle.  Jamas definitely felt some additional support & stability that gave him confidence to continue playing.

However, going to the physio each week to have the tape applied was time consuming, expensive, and at best a short-term solution to his need for support. But because the positioning of the tape meant Jamas could not apply it himself.  The skill required to maximise the benefits he felt, made him keep going back.

I think we’ve all been there. We consistently feel the benefits, but the cost and effort means we slack off, often not going back and missing out on the full benefits of the rehab & physio offering.

Jump forward to a cricket changing room in the summer of 2012.  We find Jamas already taped up, pulling on a compression top ready for game time. Whilst plenty of startups claim to have begun with an epiphany, in our case its actually the truth. Stood in that changing room, surrounded by his teammates getting ready for the match, Jamas suddenly thought:

Surely there’s a way to combine the benefits of kinesio tape with an easy to wear garment…

And just like that the concept for Exosuit was born. Clothing that interacts with your body to provide support and improve sports performance.

Read our next post to discover how our founding story developed through to product launch.