Exosuit is a functional brand, and we value performance over unsubstantiated marketing hype.  As a result, we’re fully committed to thorough product testing.  We want to validate each of the benefits we claim to provide with athlete & customer data.

For our first product, we partnered with Progressive Sports Technologies to run a series of independent tests with athletes in hitting & throwing sports.  We recruited 20 cricket & baseball players, who went through a series of sport-specific sessions wearing an Exosuit garment.  Participants then completed a series of paired comparison questions to determine the perceived effects of wearing an Exosuit garment compared to their normal sportswear.

From this research, we found that:

  • 90% of athletes felt significantly more supported when wearing Exosuit.
  • 70% of athletes felt more powerful training in Exosuit.
  • 70% of athletes felt they had an improved posture in Exosuit.

To break the postural changes down further, 80% of participants felt their shoulders were pulled back, and 75% felt they had a straighter back during exercise.

This was an extremely positive outcome.  For us it clearly indicated the benefits Exosuit can provide particularly for customers in sports requiring upper body power & stability.

Check out our next post detailing how we moved from small scale prototyping & development into larger scale manufacture.