As a young company, going from small scale prototyping to larger scale factory manufacture is not trivial. We enlisted the help of Blue Associates Sportswear, who assist brands in bespoke product creation & factory linkups across the world.

By working with experts in textiles, pattern design, manufacturing processes, and garment fit, we were able to refine our designs to both further improve function and ease production within a factory environment.

As well as function, we worked on colour scheme and the overall look of our garments, ensuring we cover the requirements of athletes across a range of sports and activities.

In terms of production on a larger scale, we partnered with a premium garment factory in the EU specialising in sportswear and textile development. Over the following months, we refined manufacturing processes, fabric composition, fit, and feel, to ensure our first set of EXO1 garments were 100% ready for active use with our early customers.

Unboxing that first order felt pretty special, and we’re so excited to share what we’ve produced with our customers.

Read on to find out more about the people behind Exosuit, our team, and our core values.