Exosuit is a concept, not any one individual product. Our work together is going to change people’s expectations of how clothing interacts with the human body. One day, our concept is going to be an important part of everyday life throughout the world.

We will always have a strong commitment to modern ethical values, including ensuring that we only use supply chains that pay workers a fair wage and provide adequate working conditions. We will act honestly and with integrity in all our dealings.

We will not seek to evade paying taxes where they are due. We do not want to have any association with modern slavery, corruption or bribery whether in our supply chains or otherwise. We will always have a strong commitment to modern environmental values.

We want to improve the planet not harm it, including ensuring that we understand our carbon footprint and reduce it wherever possible. We will strive to innovate the use or creation of renewable or recycled materials in our products wherever possible.

We have a strong commitment to using our concept, products, research and resources to improve the lives of everyone throughout the world whoever and wherever they may be. The world is ready for us.