Jamas is the CEO and co-founder of Exosuit. He is a well-established corporate criminal lawyer, as well as a keen sportsman and ECB Level 2 cricket coach.

The idea for Exosuit first came to Jamas in 2012, when he had to repeatedly visit a physio to have kinesiology tape applied to his shoulder so that he could play cricket. He found that the tape supported his shoulder and somehow gave him confidence to play. Such was the impact of the taping that he was unable to play without it.

Jamas has a fascination with the interaction between technology and the human body, in particular how clothing can work with the body to improve sporting performance. After years of determination, hard work, and help from specialist designers & testers, he finally got the patented design that is now the base for Exosuit garments.

The real challenge was designing a garment that did not rely on an energy source to achieve its desired impact on performance. Jamas initially worked with a great team at Thread Design, experimenting with new ideas in fabric technology and sports clothing design, before joining forces with Chris to start Exosuit Ltd, and partnering with Blue Associates for further product development and sourcing of an EU factory for manufacture.

There have been several challenges getting Exosuit to market but Jamas has been consistently led by his vision of creating a new era in sports compression clothing. His determination, ambition and vision over the years has been the driving force behind Exosuit’s current success.

Because of his background, Jamas wants Exosuit to be an ethical company that is consistent with the modern demands of the public. To that end, he has personally written Exosuit’s Core Values – a document that guides all decisions made by Exosuit.

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