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Exosuit on the BBC – The Customer is Always Right


Check out our feature on BBC1 in Episode 14 of "The Customer Is Always Right".  You'll hear the story behind Exosuit and our unique concept, as well as some live testing and customer ...

Exosuit on the BBC – The Customer is Always Right2020-12-29T17:36:23+00:00

Does kinesiology tape really work? The science behind the trend


Sports injuries are unfortunately an unavoidable part of living an active life. A quick Google search brings up hundreds of methods to treat, manage, and support injuries during rehab and return to exercise.  But ...

Does kinesiology tape really work? The science behind the trend2021-03-01T12:19:22+00:00

Mark Harrison – Elite Physiotherapy Services


We spent some time with Mark Harrison from Elite Physiotherapy Services to discuss shoulder & back injuries, and how Exosuit might help those suffering. Check out the video below, or read on for ...

Mark Harrison – Elite Physiotherapy Services2020-12-29T17:28:45+00:00

Our Core Values & Philosophy


Exosuit is a concept, not any one individual product. Our work together is going to change people’s expectations of how clothing interacts with the human body. One day, our concept is going to ...

Our Core Values & Philosophy2020-12-29T17:25:24+00:00

Meet Our CInO: Chris Peploe


Chris is the CInO and co-founder of Exosuit. He is responsible for product innovation & development, as well as leading on marketing, web design and growth. Chris’ journey in sport began at Loughborough ...

Meet Our CInO: Chris Peploe2020-12-29T17:22:43+00:00

Meet Our CEO: Jamas Hodivala


Jamas is the CEO and co-founder of Exosuit. He is a well-established corporate criminal lawyer, as well as a keen sportsman and ECB Level 2 cricket coach. The idea for Exosuit first came ...

Meet Our CEO: Jamas Hodivala2020-12-29T17:21:19+00:00

Product Development and Scaling Up Production


As a young company, going from small scale prototyping to larger scale factory manufacture is not trivial. We enlisted the help of Blue Associates Sportswear, who assist brands in bespoke product creation & ...

Product Development and Scaling Up Production2020-12-29T17:27:35+00:00

Testing the EXO1 Men’s Performance Top


Exosuit is a functional brand, and we value performance over unsubstantiated marketing hype.  As a result, we’re fully committed to thorough product testing.  We want to validate each of the benefits we claim ...

Testing the EXO1 Men’s Performance Top2020-12-29T17:27:23+00:00

From Concept to Functional Prototype


With a unique concept in mind the project moved into design & development mode.  Enlisting the help of textile design consultancy Thread Design to prototype, test, we worked to make our idea a ...

From Concept to Functional Prototype2020-12-29T17:10:48+00:00

The Exosuit Concept: 7 Years in the Making


Exosuit began way back in summer 2012 with a frustration. After a series of shoulder injuries through years of playing sport, Exosuit co-founder & CEO Jamas was in the midst of prolonged physio ...

The Exosuit Concept: 7 Years in the Making2020-12-29T17:27:05+00:00

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